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On April 9, 2020, the non-invasive ventilators product category was removed from Round 2021 due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic. On October 27, 2020, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the single payment amounts and began offering contracts for the off-the-shelf (OTS) back braces and OTS knee braces product categories. All other product categories were removed from Round 2021. Please see the CMS announcement for additional information. The items listed below were not revised to remove these product categories to preserve information available at the time of bidding (i.e., prior to removal of the product categories on October 27, 2020).

05/07/2019 Antitrust Guidance Fact Sheet
03/07/2019 Bid Surety Bonds Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Bidder Inquiry Process Fact Sheet
11/17/2022 Change of Ownership (CHOW) Guidelines and Responsibilities Fact Sheet
05/07/2019 Common Ownership and Common Control Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Contract Supplier Obligations, Monitoring, and Education Fact Sheet
05/07/2019 DMEPOS Quality Standards
05/07/2019 DMEPOS Supplier Standards
05/07/2019 Eligibility Requirements Fact Sheet
10/26/2020 Emergency and Disaster Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Enteral Nutrition Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Exemptions from the Requirement to be a Contract Supplier for Competitively Bid Items and Services Fact Sheet
07/18/2019 Financial Scoring Methodology Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Grandfathering for Non-Contract Suppliers Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Hospitals That Are Not Contract Suppliers Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Lead Item Pricing Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Licensure for Bidders Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Licensure for Contract Suppliers Fact Sheet
10/26/2020 Non-Contract Supplier Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Physicians and Other Treating Practitioners Who Are Enrolled as Medicare DMEPOS Suppliers Fact Sheet
05/07/2019 Preliminary Bid Evaluation Fact Sheet
05/07/2019 Prescription for Specific Brand or Mode of Delivery to Avoid an Adverse Medical Outcome Fact Sheet
03/07/2019 Process for Reviewing Covered Documents Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries Fact Sheet
10/26/2020 Referral Agents Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Repairs and Replacements Fact Sheet
03/07/2019 Required Financial Documents Fact Sheet
05/07/2019 Requirement to Submit a Bona Fide Bid Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Review of Bidder Capacity to Meet Projected Beneficiary Demand Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Nursing Facilities (NFs) Fact Sheet
05/07/2019 Small Supplier Considerations/Small Supplier Target Fact Sheet
05/07/2019 Subcontracting of DMEPOS Services Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Supplier Marketing Guidelines Fact Sheet
10/09/2023 Terms and Definitions
10/27/2020 Transfer a Portion of a Contract Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Transfer of Entire Contract Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Transitioning Beneficiaries Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 Traveling Beneficiary Fact Sheet
10/27/2020 What's New Fact Sheet
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