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Contract Suppliers

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On the subcontractor disclosure form, is it acceptable to provide the subcontractor's corporate headquarters' address?

Can a contract supplier refer a beneficiary to a subcontractor if the contract supplier chooses not to carry certain items within a product category?

Our business currently uses subcontractors to deliver our inventory and instruct the beneficiaries on how to use it. On Form B, we will indicate that we use a subcontractor. I understand that we must submit a letter of intent; however, should we also submit a copy of the existing contract?

What are the requirements regarding subcontracting for inventory under the supplier standards? Does the supplier have to have title to the equipment?

As the primary supplier, I understand that I am responsible for submitting claims on behalf of the Medicare beneficiary. Does this mean I cannot use a billing agent?

Do manufacturers need to be accredited to perform warranty repairs?

May a contract supplier subcontract specifically for the delivery of the item?

Under the supplier standards, may a supplier subcontract out for other services?

What are the rules regarding referrals from subcontractors?

What services may be subcontracted? Which subcontractors need to be accredited?


last updated on 05/19/2011


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