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Contract Suppliers

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If a beneficiary who is receiving capped rental durable medical equipment (DME) or oxygen prior to the start of the competitive bidding program moves from a non-competitive bidding area to a competitive bidding area (CBA), is a contract supplier eligible to start a new capped rental period or to receive additional payments for oxygen?

Can a contract supplier offer the lump sum purchase option for a standard power wheelchair to a beneficiary who does not live within a competitive bidding area (CBA) but travels to or visits a CBA?

If a beneficiary permanently resides within one competitive bidding area (CBA) but travels to another CBA, can the contract supplier for the CBA offer the beneficiary the lump sum purchase option for a standard power wheelchair?

When is a contract supplier responsible for repairing equipment?

Are competitively bid capped rental items subject to the payment reduction after the 3rd month rental?

If a beneficiary has been renting a competitively bid durable medical equipment (DME) item from a supplier that does not become a contract supplier and chooses to switch to a contract supplier at the start of a competitive bidding program, what month should the new contract supplier start billing? When can the non-contract supplier pick up its equipment?

Can a supplier choose to grandfather certain beneficiaries and not others?

What will contract suppliers be paid when they furnish oxygen and oxygen equipment or capped rental durable medical equipment (DME) to a beneficiary who transitions to them from a non-contract supplier in the middle of the 36-month or 13-month rental payment period?


last updated on 11/09/2011


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